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We help you make requests to smart contracts without a single line of code.
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Welcome to the Laika tutorial! This is the official video information on how to use Laika in your Smart Contract projects.
If you're just starting to learn about Laika, you can use this list:
BUIDL Simple
Say good-bye to 10+ lines of code just to make a simple request.
Laika allows you to query or interact with your Smart Contracts to view responses and easily manage your Smart Contracts into Laika Collection to be better organized.
Create environments of choice to be reused in any request in collections you like.
Environment Variable allows you to set your frequent changing variable to be automatically updated within all your request collections you are currently
BUIDL Smooth
Seamless no-code request building experience with your development environment of choice.
Using a great tool like HardHat for developing a framework with command lines has been a great way to start building, take it to the next level with integration Laika to connect your projects directly with Laika to make requests seamlessly.
Plan scenarios ahead of what you request to contracts and execute within 1 click.
Changing between request panels to another request panel might be mundane. Scenario Request allows you to visualize your logic in boxes, paths, and conditions to test it out quickly.
BUIDL Better
Features for a better experience, because hopping around is quite painful.
On the right hand side of Laika’s interface is where you will find Laika Helper Toolkit like “Note” to remind specific details about the request, “Code Snippet” to poke for codes that you can copy and use later, ot “Converter” just like what you can find in Remix IDE.
Incubated under SCB 10X DeFi Launchpad 2021
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Rei Chain
Speedboat Studio
Nebula Network